ABS Pluming and Heating

ABS Plumbing Heating

ABS Plumbing & Heating systems are used by large scale companies and restaurants. The ABS plumbers and heaters offer high quality services to both domestic and commercial premises. These appliances offer the latest heating and plumbing equipment that guarantees safe and efficient heating and hot water provision. The company offers heating and plumbing services to commercial premises in the UK and around Europe. Some of the large scale companies who use these appliances are Heating & Plumbing European Company Limited, Wintech plc, Uninteruptured plc, Suttie Catch Ltd, and Ecohydraulics Ltd among others.

The ABS plumbing & heating system has been installed in 1999 and is wholly owned by Greenguard Capital plc. ABS was formed around twelve years ago by a team of more than 250 self-employed owners, all originally from the UK. The name’ABS’ stands for: Automatic Fire Extinguishing System. It is one of the newest and most advanced fire alarm and water filtration systems that can be used for plumbing and heating purposes.

These appliances are made to fit in with the design and layout of a business premises and as such; provide a safe and functional service. The ABS plumbers and heaters are fitted with latest technology that uses water gas heaters that produce warm air through combustion. These heaters use propane or kerosene as fuel and therefore, require no electricity. These appliances are equipped with sensors that are able to detect the presence of moisture in the room and then provide sufficient warmth to the room. They can also provide water heating in case of a power cut and provide adequate hot water supply during emergency situations.

ABS plumbing & heating systems provide high quality and safety services to commercial premise. These are capable of heating a large building and are also very efficient in hot rooms. The plumbing lines are sealed and isolated and therefore, pose little or no risk of leakages. The ABS pluming fixtures are usually fitted with high pressure pumps that require little maintenance and are extremely safe. The heating systems are also eco friendly and have minimal impact on the environment.

The ABS pluming heating system uses water tanks which are extremely hygienic and are resistant to seepage. The water is heated to a temperature which is comfortable for human beings and the hot water is used to fill up the tubs of the pluming hot water heaters. Hot water is required in most business premises and sometimes, cannot be supplied by means of cold water or electric power. Therefore, the use of hot water fills up the tubs of the hot water heaters and the heated water is then used to fill up the tubs of the ABS pluming & heating appliances.

The best part about hot water heaters is that there is not much noise generated from them. So, it is easy to install the ABS pluming and heating systems and the installation is also relatively easy as well. The ABS pluming is easy to operate and therefore, these are quite popular in most of the industrial sectors. There are many companies, which provide excellent quality ABS pluming and heating systems.