Assisted Living in Arizona

Arizona assisted living care facilities are among the top assisted living communities in the state. They are ranked high on the national list for their outstanding quality of care and comfort. These services are offered by the staff at all the facilities. When choosing an assisted living facility, you must be sure you are choosing a good one.

A good assisted living community offers a variety of amenities to its residents. The basic living index of Arizona is 101 as opposed to the national average of 100. The reason for this difference is that many seniors in Arizona require assistance with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing and eating. This can be easily provided by some facilities.

An assisted living community also provides assistance to residents with physical disabilities. For example, a resident who has difficulty getting up from a seated position may be able to get assistance from a staff member. Residents with mobility issues will find that most facilities will provide ramps, handrails and other aids to assist them on their way to and from their rooms. Many Arizona assisted living communities will also provide transportation for residents to and from medical appointments. If the patient is not able to drive, he or she can request to be picked up and driven to the appointed location.

In addition to the above services, these facilities are staffed to meet the special needs of seniors. Some residents are extremely physically impaired. For example, an elderly resident may have trouble walking and may have a difficult time getting around the facility. A trained staff member will be able to help with these special needs. Depending upon the facility, other specialized services may also be provided.

There are a number of care facilities that offer activities to the residents in order to maintain their lifestyle. Some of these activities include exercise classes, art classes, cooking classes and even musicals and theater. All of these activities are designed to encourage seniors to lead active lives. This helps them to maintain their independence and reduce the stress associated with living in a large community.

Each facility should be evaluated on their level of care, quality of care and community services to help ensure that it meets your local community’s needs. Once the appropriate service has been determined, you can feel comfortable in knowing that your loved one will receive the very best in assisted living.