Prestige Park Drive – The Property Is Prestige

Prestige Park Drive is a well preserved and highly sought after residential neighbourhood in north Bangalore. The area of Prestige Park Drive is one of the oldest in Bangalore, dating back to 1875. Prestige Park Drive is located to the south of the Commercial Street and is bordered by the Botanical Gardens, Vidhan Soudha, and the Central Business District (CBD). The area boasts of some of the finest open green spaces in Bangalore, which is why it is such a popular residential choice for both residents and business owners. The drive has a wide variety of amenities for the budding resident or businessman. Below are some of the popular Prestige Park Drive facilities that you can enjoy during your stay:

The ongoing projects in Prestige Park Drive are a hit with the locals and foreigners who frequent the area. With a number of upcoming shopping malls, the area has seen a steady rise in residential real estate investment. This includes luxury residential properties like Gajiva Residency, Jaypee Vasant Residency, Latha Residency, and Jaypee Pantaloon Residential. A notable feature of these properties is that they offer easy access to the public bus, M.G. Road, and the upcoming airport.

Although this area is home to some of the best residential properties, it still has the potential to attract people who are looking for a more exclusive lifestyle. The area offers elegant row homes, elite condominiums, and luxurious town houses, all of which boast of several amenities and facilities such as car parking, top notch security systems, fully furnished garages, gated entrances, private swimming pools, and other amenities. For more information on Prestige Park Drive, as well as other luxury residential options in north Bangalore, contact the experts at Goldstone Real Estate.

If you are looking for an opportunity to get closer to nature, Prestige Park Drive offers an assortment of commercial properties as well. Some of the popular ventures include a premium office complex consisting of five premium office suites, a spa resort, and a conference and convention centre. The Jaypee Vasant Residency is also a luxury residential property with two lavish apartment blocks and two luxurious town houses. Latha Residency, a luxury suite, and Jaypee Pantaloon Residence, a luxury town house, are other popular options. Prestige Park Drive also offers a premium serviced office space, an office building, and premium serviced apartments. The Jaypee Corporate Centre, an award winning business centre, and the Prestige Golf and Country Club, offer meeting facilities and other amenities to business professionals.

Before purchasing Prestige Park Drive, be sure to consult a professional broker. They can help you evaluate your needs and guide you in choosing a unit size and lot selection. Your broker can also assist you in developing a realistic budget based on estimated square foot usage. You will want to examine the property and its surrounding areas in order to determine your ideal plot plan.

In summary Prestige Park Drive, formerly known as Jaypee Vasant Residency, is a prime Bangalore realty project located at a very premium location. The property has been sold in several successful negotiations and investors have acquired premium unit sizes. This piece of prime real estate is expected to appreciate at a rapid rate, making it a great investment for any real estate investor. This spectacular selling point makes Prestige Park Drives a very lucrative residential option for individuals and families who are looking for premium avenues in south India. For more information on Prestige Park Drive, contact the consultants at Prestige Agents Ltd.